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Black Rice

  • BlackRice also known as forbidden rice, is an ancient grain with more health benefits than most other rice varieties.
  • Black rice is a deep black colour and usually turns deep purple when cooked
  • Product is originally produced and processed according to currentGood Manufacturing Practices, HACCP norms and regulations NPOP, NOP & EEC 834/2007.


Color, Odor, Dimensions Black to Reddish black, Typical, Whole
Extraneous Matter Not More Than 1% By Weight(not More Than 0.25% Mineral & 0.10% Animal Origin.)
Moisture Not More Than 14.5% By Weight
Length 6-6.8 mm Max
Damaged Grains Not More Than 5% By Weight
Weevilled Grains Not More Than 3% By Count
Uric Acid Not More Than 100 Mg.
Aflatoxin Not Morethan 30 Micrograms per Kilograms
Salmonella (in 375 gms) Absent
E.Coli (cfu/gm) <10
Place of Origin India

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Product Code 10063010

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