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Guar Korma

The Roasted Guar Korma is a specialised product of Chimique ™ developed by optimization of the roasting temperature to deactivate the Trypsyn Inhibitor, is a type of serine protease inhibitor that reduces the biological activity of trypsin. Trypsin is an enzyme involved in the breakdown of many different proteins into amino acids a, including as part of digestion in humans and other animals. The product has excellent high protein content exceeding 55% with improved protein solubility and digestibility by poultry and also by aqua animals;

Chimique ™ ROASTED GUAR KORMA has high protein content of >55% which is highly soluble and excellent digestibility in mono gastric animals like poultry and Aqua animals; It is comparable to soybean meal in terms of nutritional content. For instance, the minimum crude protein percentage of guar meal is rated at 55% compared to 45% of soy bean meal. Its crude fiber is at 6% maximum, while that of soybean meal is at 3%; It has a minimum crude fat content of 5% versus 1% of soybean meal, and has a higher protein solubility of 93% than soybean meal with 78%.

Chimque ™ Roasted guar korma is manufactured in its Haryana Plant and the annual production capacity of 15000 M.T.; The facility is state of the Art and is accredited ISO 9001:2001 and HACCP quality assurance system. The Product is Non GMO certified and have negligible Aflatoxin level below the detection limits commensurate with the European standard; The material shall be free from adulterants, musty, stale or other objectionable odor or sourness. The material shall be free from visible fungus, insect infestation and lumps. It shall be free from dirt and other extraneous matter including iron or other metallic pieces.


  • Balanced and Desirable Amino Acid Profile
  • Higher Protein Digestibility Index (>95%) and Less percentage of Digestive Fiber
  • Higher Energy Content and Fat Percentage
  • Absence of Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Higher percentage of Crude Protein (>55%)
  • Genetically Un-codified (Non-GMO), A 100% Natural Agricultural Product
  • Lower percentage of less Digestible Fiber
  • Most economical & easy to handle


Use Animal Feed
Packaging size 1-25 Kg
Protien >55%
Moisture 8% Max
Sand/Silica < 1.00%
Oil 5-8%
Fibre 4-6%
Afflatoxin < 20 Pcb
Color Golden Brown
Energy 3500 -4000 Kcal/100 gm
Packaging Container Liner/Bulk (22 M.T.) Bags / Jumbo Bags (1000 kilo) /Small Bag (50 Kilo)

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